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    • “To be in Drinie’s class is to give a gift to your highest Self. Her sequences are empowering, inspiring, motivational and challenging. Drinie teaches with strength and grace of a lioness and allows students of all levels the space to grow and transform at their own pace. In a town saturated by yoga fitness professionals, Drinie is an authentic burst of sunlight who walks the walk.
      All who experience her sacred space leave feeling lighter, healthier, and invigorated with pranic life force, embodying their true warrior and goddess spirits.”

      Sabrina Vedete
      Marketing, Events, Production, Creative Visionary , Natural Leaders Foundation

    • “Drinie is so patient and kind to me as I take my yoga practice to the next level. She challenges me in ways that other teachers haven’t and I literally learn a new pose, stretch, move, or flow every single class.
      Drinie’s 1 on 1 attention has also helped me understand core yoga moves that are necessary for even basic yoga poses. Ex: Uddiyana Bandha: I didn’t even know that I never clearly understood what it meant and within 5 mins of Drinie talking me through it I was able to float forward from downward dog and almost into a handstand. I felt like I could finally learn to “flow” through my poses as opposed to hop through them. Drinie can gauge just how to tailor practice to your specific needs/wants and I appreciate that.
      In big group classes you often times don’t know whether you are doing things right or wrong. That is never the case with Drinie. She is encouraging and insightful in every new thing we try in class.
      I would recommend Drinie’s classes to literally ANYONE. She is so focused on individual needs and the times I’ve been fortunate to have her 1×1 – nothing can compare!
      Thank you Drinie! In the 2 months I’ve been coming to your classes I swear I’ve learned more than in the last 2 years. You are an inspiration!”

      Kristin DiMarco
      UCLA Health – Patient Experience

    • “Drinie’s classes are amazing. You always end up with a glow in your face, feeling revitalized. I became more flexible, more in tune with my body, and connected to my breath.
      I’m always excited to go to Drinie’s class because it’s fun, challenging and different from other classes I have attended. I love the way she teaches because of the flow and sequence she makes us do. She always prepares you and your body for the next pose.
      It is such a privilege to learn from a very inspiring person who is more than willing to share her knowledge and experiences from her personal journey.”

      Natasha Rodriguez
      Business Owner, Vitaoils, Asian Jiu-Jitsu Silver Medalist

    • “Since my first encounter with Drinie, our relationship has been a testament of trusting the universe to provide with perfect timing. Before I met Drinie, I yearned for yoga instruction that went beyond the mat, incorporated chanting & breathing while challenging my athletic body to build a repertoire of useful movement. Drinie’s class is just that & more.
      In a time of my life that is seemingly unclear, Drinie has connected me to ideas larger than myself guiding me in a positive direction that allows me to make decisions with confidence and ease.”

      Jazmine May Graza
      Entrepreneur, LifebyJazz

    • “Drinie is one of the best teachers you can have in your life. She is inspiring, genuinely giving, carefree and strong — her amazing zest for life expressed in breath and motion will naturally rub off on you.
      I always look forward to her classes, with her mix of chill music, fluid asanas, challenging play time, and soulful breath.
      Our one on one private sessions are also a treasure. Because of her, I was able to own my strength and conquer my fears to go upside down in the middle of a park. Her constant check up on my progress- even making a video to answer my questions even though we are from different continents shows her genuine passion to selflessly teach.
      Whether you’re looking you’re a beginner looking for a chill breather or a seasoned practitioner looking for seriously challenging inversions, Drinie is my #1 recommendation for you. I love this girl. She is AWESOME!”

      Carmela Cancio
      Business Owner, The Superfood Grocer

    • “Drinie’s classes are really great. She is very knowledgeable; she gives attention to detail and emphasizes the importance of flow, connecting movement with breath.
      Practicing yoga with Drinie helped me with my posture, it improved my core strength, improved leg balance and best of all I learned the right way to align and balance my handstand. In addition to the physical benefits, I felt very relaxed and centered after each class I took.
      I recommend Drinie’s classes because it is important to learn from someone who is passionate about what they do & finds joy in helping others learn and improve.”

      Albert Cholakian
      Online Retailer/ Capoerista

    • “I love Drinie’s energy and passion for Yoga. Drinie is awe inspiring! I so feel privileged to train with such a talented wonder. She makes me feel comfortable and is an excellent speaker whose voice can guide and support.
      She has great attention to detail. All the adjustments she provides help me improve tremendously.
      Drinie is an amazing person whose virtue, diligence, and love, will surely spark that fire inside you!”

      Randy Carmona
      Accountant and Graphic Designer / Capoerista

    • “I specifically like the personal attention that I get from Drinie’s classes.
      Before doing her class, I was practicing through an app. There were details that she corrected in my practice that made a world of difference. I now have a broader understanding of the practice.
      In just one class I learned so much from her, which I’m still applying to my day to day practice. Now I can touch my head to my knees, which I wasn’t able to do before.”

      JV Tanjangco

    • “Drinie’s classes are powerful, dynamic, and carry a rajasic quality. They always begin by checking in to our own bodies, tuning in to our own hearts and then carrying that presence with us thorough the progressively challenging asana movements.
      Drinie helps her students cultivate a distinct build up of internal fire, reaching an ecstatic peak, followed by a satisfying dissolution of the flames into a cooling down phase. If you should be lucky enough to take a class with Drinie in person she will be happy to assist you with hands on adjustments helping you deepen your pose beyond the point you knew you could stretch.
      I highly recommend regularly taking Drinie’s classes to anybody interested in loving themselves and their life even more than they do now.”

      Denise Beaudoin
      Massage Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

    • “I love that Drinie really knows what she’s doing. She is always ready to help make any corrections in my practice, and she also provides different level alternatives for each pose.
      I initially started taking Drinie’s class with the intention to compliment my capoeira training, which I have accomplished. However, yoga has now become much more than that, I feel it is a key part of the spiritual balance I strive to maintain in my life.
      Aside from the physical challenge, flexibility and burning calories; practicing yoga with Drinie is helping me to understand my own energy. Yoga is giving me a way to harness my energy so that I can then properly channel it out into the universe. I would definitely recommend Drinie’s class to anyone who who wants to learn to properly channel their energy while physically challenging themselves.”

      Cristian Quintanilla
      Banking Relationship Manager / Capoeirista

    • “Since rupturing two of my lower lumbar discs late last year, I have been desperate to find a remedy to both cure, and strengthen my lower back. I was then invited to Drinie’s yoga class as therapy.
It was such a pleasant experience.
      Drinie’s effective instructions gave me the proper workout I needed. She utilized proper sequencing with a smooth, non-stressing flow. This added with her calm voice and relaxing meditations made my experience a surreal trip of both mind and body. It has truly opened my eyes to the world of yoga and meditation, and has aided in the recovery of my back injury.”

      Paul del Rosario
      Amateur jet ski world champion

    • “Its not only her knowledge about yoga that I like about Drinie, but most of all, her passion to share it with others.
      I also like her care, love and humility. She radiates LOVE and PEACE.”

      Juliet Robel

    • “I took my first ever yoga class with Drinie and I had the best sleep of my adult life the night after our yoga session. I ‘m an insomniac so this proves a lot.”
      Arun Hemandas
      Marketing Manager, AAA Pharma Inc. and Director at Stemgenics, Inc.
    • “Drinie is excellent at encouraging me to reach for the next level and in a way that is both loving and tough – she doesn’t let me get away with much! She does, however, provide plenty of room for me to laugh as I move through my practice. She is skilled at providing individual attention, even when a class is full.
      I have been practicing with her for several years now and feel like she takes notice of what I’m working on in my practice, what asanas are challenging for me, and when I might need a bit of a nudge. Overall, her classes are challenging, light-hearted, and super fun!
      Prior to practicing with Drinie there were several asanas that I never tried simply because I didn’t think I would ever be able to do them. But Drinie has helped me break down several complicated postures, making them way more accessible. I can do Bird of Paradise because of her!
      Drinie is an awesome and talented teacher. She creates a beautiful and supportive space to explore your practice. She will help you move your practice to the next level with love and care. I have and will continue to recommend her classes!”

      Brena Smith
      Librarian,California Institute of Arts

    • “Invigorating + challenging + grounding (all in one!)”
      Amy Tierney
      Photographer, Amy Tierney Thrive Images
    • “I love Drinie’s classes! Her creative sequences defy a stagnant practice. On all levels the sequences are dynamic and unpredictable.
      She offers a spiritually stimulating practice that brings you a connection to the divine through a dynamic moving meditation.”

      Business Student

  • “The most important thing I learned from my time with Drinie is how to connect to your breath. It helps me get through stressful situations in training, work and life in general.
    This has made yoga a lifestyle for me. Practice doesn’t just start and end, but is continuous. Everytime you connect with your breath, you have conscious control over yourself – and I have Drinie to thank for that.”

    Carlito Bueneventura