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I believe our bodies and minds are capable of amazing things.

We just need to be in tune with it. We need to strengthen it, nourish it, and most of all have fun with the whole process.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Drinie, a Los Angeles based yoga teacher, lifestyle coach, and single mother to a sweet 3 year old girl.

Yoga’s changed my life. My mission is to share how it can change yours.

You might see my practice, and wonder if you can do same things.

I get it. I used to see other people’s practice and wonder that too.

Even if it may seem easy for me, it didn’t come overnight.

I still remember my first yoga class at a local gym in Manila, Philippines, where I was born and raised.

I was with a bunch of older ladies who didn’t seem fazed at all. Then there I was – sweating buckets, barely holding down dog.

At the end of class I fell asleep in corpse pose (savasana), and woke up feeling different. I felt like I got a good workout in, but unlike my other activities – I felt super chill.

I loved yoga since that first class! That was more than 14 years ago.

I’ve had struggles in my practice. I landed on my butt countless times.

All that served to help me teach in a way that’s accessible ‘cause I understand the frustration that can show up.

I wasn’t always flexible. Those days I used to run marathons made my hips and hamstrings super tight. (Foot over my head – yeah, I thought that was impossible!)

But – I keep practicing.

My practice shows what is also possible for you.

Yoga is powerful. It breaks down limiting beliefs of what you can do.

Then of course you increase your strength, flexibility, and chill vibe.

I believe that yoga is the game changer in creating the best version of yourself.

So much gratitude goes out to my teachers who’ve kept me inspired. Who knows what kind of trouble I’d be into if I weren’t on this path.

Now I’m called to give back.

I’m thrilled when you start taking better care of yourself. I get a kick when you do things you initially thought you couldn’t do.

I’m here to show you that the only limitations – are the one’s we place on ourselves.

So when it comes to Yoga, and taking things to the next level – I got you covered!

Click on my Yoga Page, and let’s get started!

Wanna know more about me? Here are some random facts:

-I’m originally from the south of Manila, Philippines. I was born and raised there, but have since lived in Los Angeles, Boston, Florida, Hawaii and countries like Singapore and Australia.

-Before I became a yoga teacher… I used to write for a car magazine, and host sports TV shows to audiences from the Middle East, Asia & Australia. Such a different life that was! Since then I knew I’d use my media experience to share the gift of yoga.

-When I’m not working on my business, doing something yoga or capoeira related you can find me being silly with my 3 year old daughter somewhere outdoors. She’s so funny, and loves handstands too!

-My other passions include surfing, dancing, cooking healthy organic meals, creating DIY beauty products, and drawing sacred geometry.

The Formal Stuff

-BA Media and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, 2003

-200 – hour Anusara inspired Hatha, Patrick Creelman, Pure Yoga Singapore, 2009

-300 – hour Prana Flow, Shiva Rea, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Venice, California, 2009

-Pre-Natal Yoga & Yoga Trance Dance, Shiva Rea, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Venice, California, 2010

-Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training, Govind Das, Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica, 2011

-Certified Pranic Healer, 2015

-Certified in Angel Therapy & Angel Tarot Card Reading, 2015

-Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200, RYT 500)

Professional Bio

Drinie Aguilar, E-RYT, is a Los Angeles based yoga instructor & lifestyle coach passionate about teaching arm balances and inversions and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Through her offerings, her mission is to give you the tools and guidance to up level yourself in all ways possible. For more on Drinie check out her You Tube channel, and her blog at