You get all gung ho about practicing yoga, you’re on your mat almost every day, and feel great. Week after – you get ‘crazy busy’ and  “just don’t have the time.”

Then you start feeling the effects of not practicing – on edge, tight and achy.

I hear this all the time. And to be honest, I’ve been there before. As a multi-passionate single mom and business owner I have to find ways to make sure I get my practice in so that I stay in balance.

Here’s what’s worked for me:


1. Know why you’re doing it – This is so important to keep you going in anything, including your yoga practice. If you’ve practiced yoga before you know of the benefits and how good you feel after. Use that as motivation.

That will come in handy when you hear that voice in your head that says you’re just not feeling it. The hardest step is making that decision to step on your mat. Just go for it! Your body will thank you for it after.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.39.47 PM

Lol. Right?! No matter what the situation was (lack sleep, hungover, tired from work, or all of the above) anytime I practiced there wasn’t a time I didn’t come out feeling better.


2. Set aside a specific time – so that you know that at that specific time, you’re going to practice yoga. Creating a routine out of it makes it easier to be consistent.

Make it a non-negotiable routine – think of your practice like brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t go one day without doing it right (hope not!). Same thing with your practice. (Just make sure to give yourself at least one full day of rest.)

I found what works best for me is that I wake up earlier. This way I carve out time to start my day with my practice. If you’re not an early bird I know this sounds painful. (I used to be the type to sleep in all the time, so I know.) It may be hard at first, but trust me, it sets you up for a great day! You’ll find that you have more energy, clarity, plus you’ll be more productive.

Point is, find a time that works best for you, and stick to it. Putting this in your schedule helps make it official too.


3. Practice with a friend – this is a great way for you to be consistent since you can keep each other accountable. If you’re lazy or not feeling it hopefully your friend can drag you to class, and vice versa.

It’s easy to flake on ourselves, but not as easy to flake on a friend you’ve already made plans with.


4. Change things up – if you’re the type to get bored easily, instead of stopping – change things up.

Not digging a style or teacher? Try a different one. You can also switch things up by practicing at home instead of a studio, or with a DVD, online yoga, or a private yoga instructor.

Whatever it is, find something that you really enjoy. You’re more likely to stick with something you’re having fun with.


What’s your favorite among these 4 tips. I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.

Keep practicing, and stay consistent. It’s the only way you’ll find progress. xx